Two weeks in Montreal

It’s been two weeks! Time goes fast. The first week was intense. On the second day I went to UQAM to know the research group and my supervisor. On the third, fourth and fifth day there was the annual meeting of our research network. And between all this we were searching for a house to stay at least until July 1st. 

We rented the first one that we visited and was available for the day we needed. Not the wisest choice, but we didn’t want to stay in an hotel any longer. At least it’s just for 49 days. 

We spent the weekend and next week looking for a better house to move on July 1st, the “moving day” in Montreal. 

Fist we walked the neighborhoods looking for the ones that we liked. Then we visited 14 places, and finally were able to find a place that we both liked, with an affordable price. We signed the contract the next day after seeing the house. 

Now we can relax and begin the search for home furniture. 

We didn’t spent our days just looking for houses. The first weekend we climbed the mont Royal (very beautiful views of the city) and this last Sunday was the “free annual museum day”, so we visited the biosphere (not very good for adults. Good for children) and the museum of beaux arts (this one was very good). 

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