1 Month (and a few days)

And time goes fast! It’s been a little more than 1 month since we arrived. The majority of the time I’m at UQAM, doing the PhD. We spent our time knowing the city and going to furniture and home equipment stores.
We made a list of the things that we want to buy, so as soon as we move to the new house, we’ll go and buy then. It’s been fun! But sometimes a little stressful.

Spring is over. The seasons DO change here. And fast! What I’m hearing the most is the phrase “Enjoy the Summer!”, and sometimes I get a little afraid of the winter. It was funny when they made an alert because of the heat because the temperature almost reached 32 degrees!

Just 6 days for the moving day. We are eager to move to the new house. Almost everything is already set up, internet, water and electricity.

See you soon,

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