Two months!

Last week made two months that we arrived in Montreal. 

Lots of updates since the last post. 

We moved to the new house on July 1st. The neighborhood is really nice and the house is very good. 

We went to Ikea one day before, bought a sofa bed. It almost didn’t fit in the car we rented!

We were lucky and got a bigger car than the one we rented, so we managed to barely fit the sofa in the car. 

On july 2nd we went back to Ikea to buy a bed, night drawers and a 8 drawer chest. This time everything fit. We spent the rest of the day assembling everything. It was fun! But it was a lot of work. 

The Phd is going well. Lots of new stuff to learn. My French is getting better too. I try to study a little everyday. But it’s really hard to understand the accent québécois. All the audio from the study is from France, so I need to listen something from here to get used to the accent. 

See you soon!

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