In Montreal

We arrived safe and sound in Montreal. ūüôā

The immigration was really simple and the only part that took time was the queue. We spent almost 1 hour at the line. Lots of flights arriving at the same time. 

A friend of ours was at the airport waiting for us, and he drove us for our temporary house, that we rented at the last minute in Airbnb! 

The first day at UQAM was nice. I met with my advisor and everyone from the research group. I was just a little scared with the language. I definitely need to improve my French as soon as possible. 

We spent the last few days looking for a permanent house. The neighborhood that we are in now is nice, but we found so many better places. We fell in love with the Jean-Talon and Atwater market. We will go to a new place this Friday, near the Atwater market. Then we’ll look for a new place to move after July 1st. 

These last few days were really nice. Just the weather that was a little crazy. There were snows at Monday!! 2 degree temperature, feels like -2. 

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