Visa delay and travel day

This week was a little stressful. Lots of things to do, travel preparations and the wait for the final steps of the visa process. 

That deserves a special paragraph. The visa office gave five working days for the final phase. And then we bought the airplanes tickets for two days after the date they gave us. Guess what, we should have waited a little more. Usually they send the passport home via post. But we had to go to the office to retrieve the passport before they sent it via post. Luckyly we were able to get the passport and we didn’t need to change our plane tickets!

After that we booked a nice apartment on Airbnb for 5 days. In these five days we’ll search for a provisory place until July first, when we want to move to a definitive place. 

And now we’re on our way to the airport. I think that we managed to put everything in the bags. Three big bags plus 2 small ones.

The first step of the travel will be in Chicago, where we’ll stay for two days in my sister in law place before going to Montreal. 

We already sent 4 other bags to her house! We’ll rearrange then there, and take 4 bags to Montreal. After we have a proper place we’ll come back and take the rest. ūüôā

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