After one year and a half without posting anything, now it’s time to write again.

A lot of things happened since the last post. I finished my masters, found a job, moved to another city. 

And why start blogging again? Well, the surprise is that I’ll begin my PhD shortly! And because of that I’ll move to Montreal, Canada. And even the blog title fits to my soon to be new city. 

Although there won’t field work, I’ll keep updating here things related to my PhD and my move to Montreal. But who knows? Part of my study will be using field data from glaciers, maybe some field work can show up. 

The bureaucracy about the Canadian visa is daunting. So many forms to fill. Yesterday the CAQ finally arrived and I submited the Canadian visa 15 minutes later! Everything was ready, I was just waiting for the CAQ. 

Sadly the CAQ took way longer then expected. The site said 20 working days, but it actually took almost 30 working days for it to complete. Now I need to wait for the visa. I hope that it gets done faster! Almost everything is ready for the big move. 

My PhD will be about “Glacier-climate/hydrology interactions in current and future climates over western Canada” and I’m really excited about it. 

As soon as I start developing the project I’ll keep posting new info about it.

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